Our track record of creating effective new business models, financing mechanisms, and favorable regulatory and policy conditions for our clients is unmatched in the business.

Market Entry Strategy

Strategen helps clients jump-start successful entry into clean energy markets. We work with your team to identify high-value opportunities tailored to your unique competencies. We then define robust strategies that match to your organization's strengths and culture.

We help you determine:

  • Which markets are most attractive to your company
  • What your vision and clean energy goals should be
  • How you can best take advantage of clean energy market growth
  • Who your target customers are and what you should offer them
  • How you build the necessary capabilities and which partnerships or acquisitions are worth considering
  • What the right ownership and financing models are to maximize value for your stakeholders
  • How much value you will create for your customers, your company, and your stakeholders
  • How to best implement your chosen strategy

Finally, we can help you execute: building the business plan, finding customers, and developing your organization.

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Product Development & Strategy

The best product strategy is derived from the integration of multiple activities, including:

  • Value proposition modeling
  • Business development
  • Market research and forecasting
  • Firm and team development
  • Engineering and optimization

The Strategen team has led or participated in the development of over a dozen solar and energy storage products. We pursue technical innovation that is matched perfectly to market and regulatory requirements.

Our goal is a market strategy, organizational plan, and product roadmap designed to achieve long-term success.

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Regulatory Strategy

In clean energy markets, your company’s regulatory strategy can make or break your success in the market. That’s why we focus on developing regulatory strategies that capitalize on the key strengths of your company or technology. Appropriate alignment of market incentives and rules paves the way for profitable business models and successful technology deployment.

We help your organization to:

  • Develop an effective legislative and regulatory strategy
  • Identify government RD&D grants and execute bids
  • Advocate for government and utility incentive programs, at every stage of program life cycle
  • Educate key stakeholders to build necessary coalitions to support your venture
  • Collaborate with key policymakers and industry stakeholders to shape desired outcomes

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Business Development & Strategic Partners

Our deep experience at the intersection of multiple clean energy markets allows you to find ideal partners for your specific venture—with less risk. Making the right contact, whether a key policy decision maker, channel partner, or acquisition target, can fundamentally increase the likelihood and scale of long-term success.

Within our market focus, our network and the strength of our relationships are unmatched.

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Strategic Marketing

Strategen helps you build the best foundation for achieving your near and long term goals by providing comprehensive insight into a market’s landscape, key drivers, and competitive dynamics. We conduct an objective review of your organizational strengths and weaknesses for each segment of the value chain. This contextual understanding allows us to identify your most compelling opportunities in the clean energy market and the best approach to capitalize on them.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Merging with or acquiring an existing player in the clean energy space can be an efficient way to launch into a new market. It can bring you customers, key employees, and intellectual property—all at once.

We partner with you to determine the strategic ‘fit’ of any potential target, taking into account your core strategy and how such targets may enhance or detract from your planned participation in a given market. We look at key risks and tradeoffs, evaluating M&A activities in the context of regulation, product innovation, and competitive position.

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