Strategen provides your organization with end-to-end functional support to ensure that the strategy we define for you will be launched and executed successfully.

Value Proposition & Pricing

At Strategen, we consider an in-depth understanding of value proposition to be critical to strategic decision-making. We have developed unparalleled expertise and a robust analytical toolset that allow us to identify the value proposition for solar, storage, and wind energy projects under a wide variety of conditions.

Our analytical toolset includes:

  • Commercial/Industrial Grid-Tied Storage and PV Costing Model, which can:
    • Optimize the size and output of a storage and/or PV system in order to maximize project revenue according to building size, demand charges, and electrical tariff
    • Output a full project pro forma, complete with tax effects, operations and maintenance, and technology-specific incentives
    • Iterate through thousands of combinations to perform sensitivity analysis as well as uncover intersections of key metrics and their value
  • Peaker Comparison Model - This model can compare the economics of an energy storage system to that of a natural gas peaking power plant, using established cost methodology from the California Energy Commission.
  • Frequency Regulation Model - This model can compare the value of an energy storage-based frequency regulation device versus that of existing fossil-based market solutions.
  • In-Depth PV System Costing Model - This model represents PV system costs in unprecedented detail. Breaking down project costs into individual components and processes, this model can help calculate the value of PV system cost reductions and new technologies. It can be used to understand cost drivers throughout the value chain, and can even be used with potential customers to demonstrate the value of one product versus another.
  • MAP Calculator - This model calculates the Maximum Allowable Price for distributed energy resources, including solar and storage systems.

Once the value proposition is clearly understood, we can design product and business strategies that best fit customer and corporate goals.

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Risk Assessment

Strategen provides critical strategic insights and helps focus your resources to reduce your risk and deliver greatest returns. We assess risk for mergers, corporate expansion, technology investment and acquisition, and go-to-market strategies.

Our evaluation process provides deep insight into:

  • Technologies
  • Execution
  • Regulation & policy
  • Markets
  • Competition
  • Companion technology
  • Partnerships

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Financial Analysis

Economics are essential to successful business strategy. At Strategen, we integrate rigorous financial analysis into virtually every strategic recommendation that we make to clients. Our tools feature investment-grade analysis of:

  • PV system performance
  • Tax effects and depreciation
  • Clean energy incentives
  • Utility tariffs
  • Long term costs

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Market Research

Nearly every project in the clean energy space requires proof of a new business model or technology. Market research is critical to understanding risk and reward.

Strategen works with clients to understand how a new approach can be successful by leveraging its extensive network of key stakeholders throughout the value chain.

Market Research activities include:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Top-down macro-economic analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Choice modeling
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis

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Project Team Development and Recruitment

Team development is critical to many aspects of corporate strategy, including diversification, startup capability expansion, product launch activities, and regulatory development.

Strategen’s industry connections can be invaluable during the development and recruitment of project teams. We can help recruit and equip new and existing team members with the tools and knowledge your company requires for a successful venture.

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Vision & Alignment

Great strategies fail without clear vision and team alignment.

Strategen partners with experienced team building professionals to mobilize organizations around change. Through our partners, we bring over 20 years of experience to our visioning and alignment workshops. We help you account for team dynamics and corporate strengths, identify blind spots, and work in cross-division partnerships to maximize your chances of success.

Activities that might help your team include:

  • Visioning exercises for new markets, strategies, or products
  • Team performance workshops
  • New strategy training

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Industry Training & Education

We transfer our tools and knowledge to you so that you can be successful without us. We conduct a wide array of training and educational events for clients to help your team members, sales staff, and executive leadership ramp up their knowledge. Our past training topics addressed:

Energy Storage

  • General overview of energy storage applications
  • Energy storage market landscape, including value streams and use cases
  • US policy landscape for energy storage, including federal and state level developments
  • Discussion of the impact of current policy on the market potential for various applications of storage
  • Business, Ownership, and Reimbursement Models
  • Technology Exploration and Acquisition
  • Financing models and value Proposition Analysis
  • In-depth Case Studies of the Value Proposition Modeling

Solar Energy

  • Market Overview
  • System basics
  • Solar market potential
  • Solar pricing and revenue
  • Product Strategy and Design
  • Key Technology Differentiators
  • Competitive Business models
  • Sales models and sales/process for solar
  • Financing
  • Value Chain Activities and Segmentation
  • Detailed System Costing
    • Non Penetrating Rooftop
    • BIPV
    • Utility Scale Ground Mounts

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Government Grant Support

In the clean energy realm, many markets and technologies are still in the development phase. Government grants are an excellent vehicle to help firms pursuing such markets develop sustainable, profitable businesses.

Strategen has worked with a number of clients to successfully secure federal and state-level government grants. Many times, Strategen is intimately involved with the applicant team, application strategy, and takes part in the implementation phase if the grant is awarded.

Key success factors that we provide include:

  • Thorough understanding of government grant requirements
  • Rigorous financial analysis of the application’s value proposition and business model
  • Well-supported market and competitive analysis
  • Comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses
  • In-depth regulatory assessment
  • Comprehensive business plan and go-to-market strategy

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