Below are some recent examples of our perspectives on the clean energy market, and how we help clients answer some of their critical questions. Please return to this page in the future, as we periodically add new presentations.


What is Driving Energy Storage Deployment?

Western Power Summit 2014
Cedric Christensen, Presenter, 2014-11-06


Energy Storage Applications and Benefits

Webinar: What will drive the market? Capturing and monetizing benefit!
Janice Lin, Presenter, 2014-03-26


The Value of Energy Storage

Webinar: Why energy storage is cost effective and being procured in California
Janice Lin, Presenter, 2014-03-24


Rationale for Energy Storage Procurement Targets

Webinar: Why Energy Storage is Cost Effective and In Need of a Clear Market Signal
Janice Lin, Presenter, 2013-09-13


Power System Game Changer

CITRIS i4Energy Seminar
Janice Lin, Presenter, 2013-05-03


Energy Storage Systems for Commercial Facilities

2013 Joint Venture Silicon Valley SEEDZ Distributed Energy Storage Workshop
Giovanni Damato, Presenter, 2013-02-13


Energy Storage for Frequency Regulation

Electrical Energy Storage - Applications and Technology (EESAT) 2011
Giovanni Damato, Presenter, 2011-10-19


Policy Matters! Building a Market for Energy Storage in California

Solar Power International 2011
Janice Lin, Presenter, 2011-10-18


Energy Storage Value Propositions

The Next Intersection: Energy Storage, Four Seasons Silicon Valley
Giovanni Damato, Presenter, 2011-02-10


Energy Storage: Shaping the Future of California's Electric Power System

DistribuTECH 2011
Janice Lin, Presenter, 2011-02-02


The Business Case for Customer-Sited & Owned Energy Storage

CCSE Clean Energy Conference 2010: Energy Storage Panel
Giovanni Damato, Panelist, 2010-09-16