Sustainable World. Sustainable Career. Join the Strategen Team.

Strategen is growing rapidly, and is currently seeking qualified applicants at all levels of our organization. At this time, we have a particular interest in seeking technical experts with experience in the following areas:

  • New grid technologies & clean energy (examples: energy storage, solar PV, wind, electric vehicles, smart grid)

  • Electric power system planning (examples: power flow analysis, resource planning, transmission planning)

  • Power sector financial modeling (examples: ratepayer & societal cost/benefit analysis, project cash flow forecasts)

  • Project management (examples: independent management of large consulting engagements, managing team resources and client interactions, keeping projects on track and on budget)

  • Policy and regulatory (examples: working with diverse internal and industry stakeholders to develop stakeholder/intervenor comments in CPUC, CAISO, CEC and Federal proceedings)

At Strategen, career development is driven by quality results—we recognize and reward exceptional performers. There is a common growth progression, but no two career paths are the same. For a look at the positions within our firm, please see the descriptions below, including detailed job descriptions linked to the position title when available. If you are interested in joining the Strategen team, please .


Operations Team

Executive Secretary (click here for job opening description)

The Executive Secretary’s function is that of an ‘internal consultant’ whose role is to support the executive leadership and consulting team. Responsibilities include executive and team support with day-to-day internal and client-facing functions, as well as being a key member of the team keeping the office well stocked and running smoothly. The Executive Secretary will also have the opportunity to support Strategen engagement teams with client facing activities from time to time.

Consulting Team

Energy Storage Policy and Market Internship (click here for job opening description)

Energy Storage Marketing and Events Internship (click here for job opening description)

Internships are available as full time opportunities during breaks or part time opportunities during the school year. Graduate-level interns are preferred, but undergraduate internships may also be available. Interns are generally involved in specific projects that align with their schedule and availability. Interns are responsible for supporting Strategen engagement teams with primary and secondary market research, and basic spreadsheet analysis and data analysis, while assisting Analysts, Consultants, Managers and Directors with firm building and sales tasks. Interns will gain excellent exposure to the power sector and new grid technologies, while enhancing their problem solving, client engagement, and communication skills.

Analyst (click here for job opening description)

Analysts are exposed to a broad range of clients and markets within the renewable energy and clean technology fields. Analysts are responsible for supporting Strategen engagement teams with primary and secondary market research, and basic spreadsheet analysis and data analysis, while assisting Consultants and Managers with firm building and sales tasks. Analysts will hone their problem solving, client engagement, and communication skills while collaborating closely with diverse project teams. Analysts are also expected to develop and maintain a network of professionals in the energy sector.

Consultant (click here for job opening description)

Consultants have proven analytical and problem solving skills. Consultants are responsible for helping to conceptualize and communicate strategic frameworks for specific problems, and are called on to assist in structuring the work of Analysts. Consultants work closely with clients and client teams to build their problem solving skills in many areas, and make significant contributions to both client work and firm building activities. Consultants also build upon their industry know-how, begin to establish expertise in several areas, and participate in selling work with Directors/Partners. Consultants are expected to guide small projects autonomously from start to finish on time and within budget. Consultants will typically have several years of relevant industry work experience prior to joining Strategen.

Manager (click here for job opening description)

Managers are the ‘project managers’ within Strategen client engagements, autonomously planning and executing client work by creating detailed work plans to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. They propose strategies to achieve desired results for specific clients. Managers use their proven expertise in quantitative analysis, interviewing, research and problem solving to conceptualize, analyze, and communicate strategic solutions. Managers hone their client management and teamwork skills by collaboratively scoping and managing specific projects within broader Strategen client teams. Managers see the forest from the trees and provide intellectual leadership by generating ideas and conceptual frameworks to guide client teams. Managers are responsible for training and coaching junior professionals. Managers are well on their way to establishing a reputation both internally and externally for competence in several renewable energy and clean technology functional areas/market, participating in drumming up leads and marketable project ideas.


Directors are proven consulting professionals with exceptional intellectual, organizational, communication and client-management skills. Directors help guide and motivate their project teams and ensure client expectations are exceeded. Directors also contribute to business development and external relations for Strategen by identifying leads, initiating sales relationships, closing deals, providing scoping, and ensuring existing projects lead to follow-on work. Directors also focus on the development of Strategen itself—assisting with staff development, coaching, training, recruiting, and strategic planning. Directors monitor industry trends and identify and execute growth opportunities for the firm. Directors are key ambassadors of the firm and help ensure that Strategen’s high professional and ethical standards are observed at all times.

Vice President

Vice Presidents are the most senior executives at the firm. They are experts in particular areas of practice and have executive knowledge of all elements of the firm’s practice in the renewable energy and clean technology fields. Vice Presidents are key generators of new clients and business. They are the custodians and exemplars of the firm’s values, ethics, and professional standards. Vice Presidents are responsible for evolving the firm’s business model over time and for making other key management decisions. Vice Presidents are generally owners in the firm, provide working capital and bear financial risk for the firm’s success.